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about me

How long have you done this?  WELL.  I am a pharmacist.  I know, crazy.  But, I started this about 15 years ago. THIS is where my heart is.  No other job could have allowed me to meet the awesome people that I've met.  Very grateful.

Hobbies?  My kids, pretty much. And cooking on the Blackstone because part of me feels like a hibachi chef.

Kids? Three, 2 boys and a girl.  I love them so. Two sons are at Auburn University, and my baby girl is a high school sophomore. I'm also blessed with two stepsons, a daughter-in-law and three grandbabies. 

Favorite sport?  Auburn football. Auburn basketball. Auburn. 

What's your favorite pizza? Tony's Pizza that used to be on Airbase Blvd in Montgomery when I was a little girl.  Ohmygosh, I can still smell it. Nowadays, I'll eat almost any kind.   I'm the weirdo that likes pineapple on her pizza though.  Don't judge. 

Favorite Flower: Peony, I've carried a few bouquets in my time. 

Favorite vacation place? Toss up between New Orleans, St. Augustine, the mountains and 30A. Currently, 30A is winning.

Untie your shoes when taking them off? No time for that. Mostly wear Birkenstocks anyway.  

Roller coasters? Bwahahahaha.  No. I cried on Thunder Mountain in Disneyworld because it triggered some traumatic episode from childhood that I still know nothing about.  Or it coulda just scared me.  Either way.  I cried until we got out of the park.  What in the world? 

Favorite ice cream? Lemon.  My daddy (grandfather) loved lemon ice cream and indoctrinated me. I also LOVE banana ice cream.  Ever tried that?  And chocolate ice cream with pineapple on top.  And Dole Whip.  Yeah, Dole Whip.

Favorite thing to do?  Get outside.  Sit in solitude.  Just be. 

Leggings or jeans? There's a time and place for both.  

Country or rock? Country mostly, except for 80s music.  

Tattoos? That's a negative 

Favorite thing to eat? Thai food and cajun food.