Hey y'all...I guess I'm supposed to tell you my qualifications here.  I mean, yeah, I have the lights, the cameras, the computers and all that, but I've got the bug that bit me 17 years ago.  I'm a pharmacist- a 1995 graduate of Auburn University- and practiced for 27 years.  That job allowed me to pick up a camera and follow a dream that I had never dreamt of, really.  I was in a head-on collision while pregnant with my daughter, and I sat in the hospital bed, while being prepped for a c-section not knowing if her skull was crushed, and man alive, when that happens, your life changes.  Turns out that she was fine, minus some bruises from the seatbelt and airbags that hurt my fat pregnant belly, but I changed my life that day. I decided to follow a passion instead of a job. God has given me this as a gift that I didn't know that I needed.  And the people, y'all...I've met the MOST amazing people from all over the country.  Now, I've met a few mean ones too. Ain't gonna lie.  They are few and far between though.  I always thought I'd do pharmacy, and I probably will one day if this lupus attacked body will let me, but for now, this is it and this is what my body allows me to do.  I am blessed and grateful that He saw that I needed this.   People say it's funny how He works, and it is, but it's more than that- it's His purpose and a plan.

Kids? Three, 2 boys and a girl.  I love them so. Two are students at Auburn University, one is still in high school.

What's your favorite pizza? Tony's Pizza that used to be on Airbase Blvd in Montgomery when I was a little girl.  Ohmygosh, I can still smell it. Nowadays, I'll eat almost any kind.   I'm the weirdo that likes pineapple on her pizza though.  Don't judge. 

Favorite Flower: Peony, I've carried a few bouquets in my time to and from weddings and peonies, y'all. 

Favorite vacation place? Toss up between Disney in February, New Orleans, mountains and the beach- 30A, Rosemary Beach if you want specifics. The lake. I like the lake too. I hate crowds...I ain't fighting ya for food or a spot on the beach.  I'll take early May and no people, any day over five rows of umbrellas and kids screaming.

Roller coasters? Bwahahahaha.  I cried on Thunder Mountain in Disneyworld because it triggered some traumatic episode from childhood that I still know nothing about.  Or it coulda just scared me. My daughter still has nightmares from ME crying. 

Favorite ice cream? Lemon.  My daddy (grandfather) loved lemon ice cream and indoctrinated me. I also LOVE banana ice cream.  Ever tried that?  And chocolate ice cream with pineapple on top.  And Dole Whip.  Yeah, Dole Whip.

Favorite thing to do?  Get outside.  Sit in solitude.  Just be.  The set of "Big Fish", the movie, is nearby and I go there and think alot.  

Leggings or jeans? There's a time and place for both.  Mostly black leggings though. 

Country or rock? All kinds of both. Taylor Seift and Harry Styles are my faves and I’ve seen both in concert. I’ve seen Harry twice and Tay once. All spur of the moment trips to Texax and Tennessee with zero tickets and zero plans.   My kids keep me up to date. 

Favorite color ? Blue. Yellow and red stresss me out and makes me think I need to be happy when I'm not.  Blue, though....you can have all kinds of emotions and wear blue.  

Sheets?  Yeah...you know a lot about a person by looking at their sheets. Definitely use a top sheet.  I don't know what all of you whippersnappers who are in their 20s are thinking by not using one.  And WHITE sheets.  None of that microfiber mess. Use percale- they are crisp and cool and you don't slide off of them in the middle of the night. 

Tattoos? That's a negative 

Favorite thing to eat? Thai food. Mexican food if there's no cilantro in it. 

My worst quailty? I think too much.  I can't say "No."  Sometimes I think I can do it all, and I somehow do, but to my detriment.  

What I wish I could change?  The world.  My hair. My body on most days becuase I have lupus and it's a booger.  People's lives for the better.  I also wish I could call a huge meeting of everybody in government, fire them, and rehire a bunch of moms of teens to run this country.  We'd get it done.